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Do Justly.
Love Mercy.
Walk Humbly.

These are not simply words. They are actions that guide us. With all of the pressures we face in life, we believe spirituality shouldn’t be one of them. Everyone has their own journey and we honor that.

Temple Micah is a place that honors Jewish tradition, but it is truly our people that make us unique. We are grounded in the nourishing roots of community while celebrating individual equity.

If you are curious about our accessible and welcoming approach to Judaism, we invite you to come visit a service, an event or simply walk around and get a feel for what Temple Micah is all about.

Our door is open.

September, 2023

Simchat Torah ROCKS!

October 8 @ 9am

Join Rabbi Mo, the Religious School, and your Micah community as we unroll the Torah scroll and take a look back to what we read last year and forward to what’s to come as we start back at the beginning!

October 1st-8th

Sukkot Sameach from Temple Micah!

Rabbi Mo and the Religious School parents will be putting the Sukkah up on Sunday, October 1st.  We invite you to stop by (no reservations required!) to enjoy some time, a meal, or maybe even an overnight stay!

Looking Towards A New Partnership

Micah @ Montview

Temple Micah is moving forward in our conversation about a move to Montview Boulevard Presbytarian Church. 

We are excited to share all that we can about the space and the people at Montview and talk more about how we get from here to there.  Below you will find ways you can participate in this conversation.

Rabbi Mo's Musings

May I Have A LETTER With You?! - ALEPH

             – א –             I did not even make it to a whole word, I got stuck on just a letter.  א – Aleph. One the insights about the experience on Sinai from our tradition that resonates most deeply with me speaks to what was actually spoken in that…

May I Have A WORD With You?! - DUST

DUST – עָפָר – AfarYour descendants will be as the dust of the earth … (Genesis 28:14) Talk about a backhanded compliment. The promise God makes to Jacob is that his descendants will be like, uh, DUST – עָפָר – Afar. I don’t know about you, but my first reaction…

May I Have A WORD With You? - TEN

TEN – עֲשָׂרָה – AsarI will not destroy, for the sake of the ten. (Genesis 18:32) In one of the greatest negotiations in recorded history , God agrees to ‘save’ Sodom and Gemorrah if Abraham can find TEN righteous people. Well, we know how that story ended … and have…
Religious School Begins September 10th

Youth Education

Temple Micah offers an array of educational programs. Discover the right fit for your family and register now.

I appreciate how inclusive and welcoming Temple Micah is and how as a community we are always striving to do better, whether adjusting to best meet our community’s needs or with social justice initiatives.”
Jen Nassi