My Elul Exercise – 5776 – Back At It, Again

Four years ago, in preparation for the New Year I engaged in what I called ‘My Elul Exercise.’   Elul is the last month of the Hebrew year.  It’s 29 days are a prelude, a walk-up, a pregame, a prologue (well, you get the idea) to the New Year and the Ten Days of Teshuvah that begin our year.  As part of my own ‘work’ – both personal and professional – I attempted to write something every day during Elul that focused upon the themes presented to us at this time of year.  And while I do not know if I have it in me to write something everyday this year, I find myself motivated to take the time and effort to reflect, write and share with you as we get ready for 5777.

So, what am I going to do and why?  Well, First let’s address the ‘Why?’ …

Elul (which began this past week ) is not some holiday-deprived month of the Hebrew calendar, but oh, so much more … It is an important time of preparation for the spiritual work we have the opportunity to do during the first ten days of the New Year.  The Marahal of Prague (the same sage of Golem fame) summed up Elul’s role well: “All the month of Elul, before eating and sleeping, a person should look into his soul and search his deeds, that he may make confession.”

Now the ‘What?’ …

During these days of Elul it is my intention to write something about this sacred process of reflection and renewal.  With great humility, I offer these writings to you in forms of blog posts.  For me, the process of writing regularly serves as a way of helping me to stay true a regular exerciss of reflection.  For you, I hope these musings on various ‘Elulian’ themes, may be of use as you endeavor to walk your own path of reflection and renewal this New Year.

I will post my thoughts through Twitter (@rabbimo or @micahdenver), Facebook and this blog.  As you come across these posts I hope that in some fashion my Elul Exercise will be a help to your own.

And, whatever that ‘exercise’ may look like for you, may you have a great workout this New Year.

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