Welcoming Our New Torah Scroll

Photos courtesy of Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite

SECURING OUR STORY: Purchasing and Restoring Our New Torah Scroll


We have exceeded our goal of $9000 to cover the cost, cleaning and repair of the new Torah.  

We are still accepting donations. Every dollar beyond our goal will become part of the fund to for future upkeep and repairs for both our scrolls.

You can do so, here.
Click here to read Erika Meltzer's article about our Simchat Torah celebration with our new Torah.

Thank you to all who contributed and 'purchased' part of the scroll:

  • James and Janis Anderson
  • The Anshei Mitzvah and B’nai Mitzvah Classes of 5777 - High Holyday Torah Mantle
  • Dede Arnholz
  • Mike & Robin Aubrey
  • Alan and Nancy Bieber -  Numbers 27:18 in honor of the Rabbinic Ordination of Amanda Schwartz
  • Hal and Brenda Bruno - Shabbat Torah Mantle in memory of Harold and Meg Bruno
  • Michael and Risa Tatarsky Clapman
  • Matt Cohen - Va'era (Exodus 6:2 - 9:35)
  • Lisa Dean
  • Kari and Steve Epstein - In memory of Harold Haugen, Bertha Haugen, Beth Haugen, and Lee Haugen Long
  • Cliff & Teresa Faurer
  • Alex Feldman
  • Larry & Liz Feldman
  • Barbara Gibbs-Gore - Mitzvah
  • Ezra, Jared, Kristina and Jeff Goldstein - Vayeitzei Jared’ Bar Mitzvah portion in 5776
  • Mark and Lola Grueskin - Deuteronomy for both of our daughters, Abbie and Emma, who read from Deuteronomy at their Bat Mitzvahs (Shoftim and Ki Tavo) ... Metzora, My Bar Mitzvah parsha, the meaning of which I figured out as an adult.  Thus, a reminder that the Torah stays with us as long as we are willing to ask questions about it ... Lech lecha , in memory of my father, who lived his life by going forth (“Lech lecha”) and urging any of us who could have followed in his footsteps to go forth and leave our own.
  • Howard Hertzberg
  • Mitch Wolberg and Robin Kane - Genesis/Breishit - In honor of the beginning of the world and hope for the future
  • Lynn Klyde-Silverstein - Deuteronomy 28 - It was my Bat Mitzvah portion!
  • Linnea Krizsan, Ry, Max and Peter Sherman - Shmoneh/Eight ... 8 is an important number for us and in Judaism. We often say to each other: I love you 8
  • Fredric R Kutner
  • Manny, Johanna, Margo and Sadie Ladis
  • Irving Levy - Parashat KI Tavo - My Bar Mitzvah portion
  • Judy Lichtbach - Shira
  • Dianna Litvak
  • Nancy Litwack-Strong - NOW in honor of Peter; STRONG in honor of Steven 
  • Sam Mamet and Judith Cassel Mamet
  • Erica Meltzer - Leviticus 19:6, this was part of my reading when I participated in the Anshei Mitzvah class
  • Carol Molnia - Numbers 12:13, an ancient yet modern prayer for healing
  • Rabbi Adam Morris - Vayera, it was my Bar Mitzvah portion
  • Jennifer and Mark Nassi
  • Yael Nyholm - Exodus 28:15-26, Abigail Joyce Bothwell's Bat Mitzvah Portion
  • Patti & Tom Parson
  • Debbie and Frank Piazza
  • Margie Rashti
  • Melissa Roche and Mark Grumet - Ve'etchanan (Deuteronomy 4:1-9), to honor Kyle Sophia Grumet's Bat Mitzvah on 8/9/2014
  • David & Lauren Ross - Leviticus 19:18 (v'ahav'ta l'reiacha kamocha), What could be more liberal and Jewish than these 3 words?
  • Uri Ayn Rovner - Exodus 33: 21-23, a compelling scene challenges my understanding of God and my place in the world.
  • Nancy Sharp - Tzav, in recognition of my children's - Casey & Rebecca Zickerman - B'nai Mitzvah on March 28, 2015
  • Kathy Lee and Daniel Shurz - Deuteronomy 10, 22; they were Daniel and Kathy's Bnai Mitzvah portions
  • Brian Silverman
  • Helen Spiegel - Leviticus 19:18
  • Fran Sterling
  • Gary and Karen Goldblatt-Sullivan Sullivan - Todah: the word that is most meaningful to me is "Gratitude"
  • David Teitelman - Exodus 3:14 And God said to Moses, “I AM THAT I AM.” ... Because it is one of the few characterizations of the mysteriousness of the God of the Torah
  • Jon and Sharon Thorson
  • Steven and Susan Waldman
  • Jeff Wallace
  • Tim & Nancy Weil
  • Patrick and Stefanie Winfield - Tazria-Metzora, this was Maya's Torah portion and no one else is going to choose it 
  • Jill & John Young

TELLING OUR STORIESSharing Our Stories With One Another

Inspired by our new scroll of stories, we are trying to get as many people in the Micah community to share some part of their story.  

Check out the stories shared with us!