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Walking the Talk

About Us

Temple Micah was founded in the mid-1950s by members of Denver’s Jewish community seeking a more nimble approach to their religious, educational and ritual experiences. That small but dedicated congregation shared in the principles of inclusivity and acceptance of people from all walks of life to create today’s Temple Micah.

Furthering a journey that flourishes in growth and ever-changing perspectives, Temple Micah moved into Park Hill United Methodist Church (PHUMC) in 2014, which rededicated its Babbs Memorial Chapel as the Temple Micah Mikdash at Babbs Chapel. That transition has allowed us all to enjoy and avail ourselves to the spacious PHUMC campus. Beyond the physical space, the partnership between Temple Micah’s Rabbi Adam Morris and PHUMC’s clergy has created opportunities for interfaith collaborations with both congregations.

We remain proud of our history while always working on the next chapter.

Why Temple Micah?

There are many answers to this question because Temple Micah is a place of multi-faceted participation.

For you, Temple Micah may be a place to share the teachings of Judaism with your children or to continue your own learning. It can be a touchstone for ritual, tradition and quiet reflection. Temple Micah can also be a place of music and joy, of celebration against the natural background only the Rocky Mountain west can provide. Temple Micah is not a one-size-fits-all, but rather a space to contribute and shape who we are.

Our Team

Rabbi Adam Morris

Amy Kivel

Director of Education, Engagement & Administration

Leadership Team


Joel Levy
Amy Hinton
Rob Siegal


Johanna Ladis
Rebecca Ritter
Linnea Kriszan


Nicole Myers
Ann Kaplan
Jenn Nassi

We like the “come as you are” mentality at Temple Micah. We are an interfaith family and we appreciate that we don’t have to explain ourselves. It is a very open-minded and accepting community.
The Myers Family