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Amy Krivel

Director of Education, Engagement and Administration

Amy was drawn to Temple Micah in 2018 when she met Rabbi Mo and began studying the meaning of Reform Judaism. Through her exploration she discovered community, accessibility, comfort and the path to her Jewish home. A Denver native, Amy went to CSU for her undergraduate studies and taught high school in Honduras for three years.

Amy brings a palpable energy to her role as Director of Youth Education that is as magnetic as it is authentic. This realness resonates with Temple Micah’s youth, inspiring them to connect with one another and the community and to grow as Jewish thinkers in their own right.

Her favorite Temple Micah tradition is the passing of the special yod during B’nai Mitzvah studies. Originally a gift to the Temple, the yod carries with it a generosity of spirit. Each student passes the yod along with a meaningful quotation of their choosing to the next student reading from the Torah during their B’nai Mitzvah. It is traditions like this and countless connections with young people that have deepened Amy’s roots with Temple Micah.

Amy charges her batteries to bring that contagious energy to her students by hiking with her dachshunds, reading a good book al fresco, eating delicious vegan cuisine and trekking to a new place to explore. Always learning, always striving, she finds herself Closer to Fine, track one on her Micah soundtrack.

Other Team Members

Rabbi Adam Morris