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Chai School

Chai School offers a three-option approach for Micah teens to cultivate all that they’ve learned through the B’nai Mitzvah process on their own path. Each student can register for 1, 2, or all 3 of the Chai School tracks:

1. The Social Scene One Sunday each month, students in grades 8-12 from both Temple Micah and Park Hill United Methodist Church will join together to hang out and socialize in an interfaith environment. Whether they are carving pumpkins from our very own pumpkin patch, participating in a lock-in sleepover or enjoying a chocolate seder and movie night, students are enjoying connections made with their peers.

2. Madrichim From generation to generation, we pass our experiential knowledge to those who come after us. As students complete their B’nai Mitzvah journey, they obtain knowledge, they grow, and they learn to become leaders in their community. Students become madrichim, helpers, in the very classrooms they came through. On Sunday mornings at Religious School or Sunday afternoons at Mishpacha!, youth help a teacher in the classroom. Once a month all Madrichim will be asked to meet as a group on Sundays to enjoy lunch and leadership training and debriefing.

3. Justice and Equity for All Do Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. At Temple Micah, students do just that every day. Throughout their Religious School years and their B’nai Mitzvah studies, our students demonstrate their dedication to giving back to the community around them. It may be a tough time to be a teenager; but staying grounded in the reminder that tzedek (justice) is our pursuit, reminds us just how much we have to give back to those around us. Students in grades 8-12 are invited to join our new youth justice initiative designed specifically around teens. We will meet twice a month, utilizing virtual meetings as a tool to enhance our in-person learning, spending our time planning for local community activities and a year-end social justice project or a local or national trip.

Temple Micah has incorporated flexibility and choice as a core component of Chai School by offering 1, 2 or all 3 tracks to its students. We understand that teens travel through life on their own course. We celebrate each of their spirited, unique journeys and look forward to opening the door for your teen to choose their own adventure.

Download a PDF of the Chai School Program Schedule

5783 At a Glance: Chai School
# of Meetings
Cost per Student
Social Scene
Building interfaith connections through social interaction.
1 Sunday/month
Leadership training in group setting. Meetings include a meal.
1 Sunday/month (plus classroom teaching time)
Justice and Equity For All
Discuss, plan and participate in social justice initiatives. In person meetings include a meal.
2 Sundays/month
1x – virtually;
1x – in-person
(plus event participation)