"If you truly wish your children to study Torah, study it yourself in their presence. They will follow your example. Otherwise, they will not themselves study Torah but will simply instruct their children to do so."

~ Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk

Mishpacha! is Temple Micah's Family Education program and an alternative to traditional religious school for members. It is a commitment to a spiritual and intellectual growth opportunity for those who want to explore Jewish wisdom, values and insight as a family in a way that is interactive, dynamic and relevant. Mishpacha! offers you the chance to learn about the abundant life resources of Jewish tradition and how to utilize them to cultivate meaning in the life of your family. The Mishpacha! program includes:

Family Sessions (2.5 hours each)

Family sessions meet on Sunday afternoons. Rabbi Mo and a small team of teachers and madrichim (assistants) facilitate informal, experiential sessions. As a part of these sessions, parents and children have time to learn together with contemporaries. Families also join together for “Chug” time, when families engage in Jewish creative activities together.

Family Retreat

All Mishpacha! families will gather for a weekend outside of Denver for a mixture of group learning time, social activities and individual family time.


Your family is a fit for Mishpacha! if …

  • You are Temple Micah members.
  • You have children who will be in grades K-7 at the start of the next school year.
  • You are willing to make a serious commitment to attending every Family Session, the Family Retreat, Supper Clubs and to completing the Family-Time Learning.
  • Everyone in your family is open-minded and willing to actively participate in a form of religious education that strongly differs from the traditional model.

2019-20 TUITION

The tuition for Mishpacha! is $375 for each person who will be participating in each family unit.

(Tuition includes the cost of room and board for the Family Retreat at the Estes Park YMCA as well as participation in the End-of-year Getaway.)

Alternative to Religious School

Mishpacha! will serve as alternative to Temple Micah Religious School for those families who participate, not requiring families to participate in both programs.

Hebrew Component?

Mishpacha! will not contain a formal Hebrew component. When children reach 4th or 5th grade, families wishing for their children to study Hebrew will have suggestion options for consideration - ranging from a Mishpacha! Hebrew class offering to individual or small group tutoring.