“May your heart be filled with intuition and your words be filled with insight. May your eyes shine with the light of holy words and your face reflect the brightness of the heavens. May your lips speak wisdom and your fulfillment be in righteousness even as you ever yearn to hear the words of the Holy Ancient One of Old.”

~ Talmud, Berachot 17a

Temple Micah’s Religious School inspires students in grades K-7 to explore Judaism and understand its basic tenets through age-appropriate activities and lessons. The program is designed to encourage children to think, question and challenge themselves while developing an understanding of why it is up to each of us to help make the world a better place (tikkun olam).

The Religious School meets on Sunday mornings from 9-11:30 a.m. at Temple Micah (5209 Montview Blvd.)* and includes:

Morning Assembly

Students and parents gather for a group session led by Rabbi Mo, Temple Micah’s education director and an occasional special guest.

Experiential Classroom Education

One hour each week is dedicated to Judaic experiential classroom education with experienced teachers and madrichim (teenage assistants).

Hebrew Studies

One hour each week is devoted to Hebrew studies.


Twice each year, each grade level participates in a Bayachad program. Students and parents learn together for one hour, and parents can attend an optional adult learning session with the rabbi or education director.

Madrichim Program

Students in grades 8-12 can participate in Temple Micah’s junior teaching program (madrichim). Teens learn teaching skills and work directly with classroom teachers and the education director to successfully advance their own Jewish knowledge. They work with their peers to plan lessons and engage with younger students in the classroom.


Every other week, a musician visits each classroom to engage students in Jewish melodies.


Your family is fit for Temple Micah Religious School Program if…

  • You have children who will be in grades K-12 at the start of the next school year.
  • You are willing to make a serious commitment to have your children present and active each Sunday morning from September to May, 9-11:30 a.m.
  • You are willing to participate at least twice a year with Bayachad programs (see above).

2019-2020 Tuition

  • Member

    1st Child: $575
    2nd Child: $550
    3rd Child: $525

  • Non-Member

    1st Child: $925
    2nd Child: $875
    3rd Child $825

Tuition includes all materials and books. Please also plan to bring $20 per child so we can provide weekly snack for each student.

Open to all

Although your family does not have to be a member, we highly encourage you to be active participants in the Micah community. Our educational programs are successful through the interactions of community members, both on Sunday morning and during all Micah activities throughout the year.