The Power of Advocacy

It’s a tough time to be a teenager. School is weird; home is weird; life feels weird in general! And we all need a place to talk about it. Students in grades 10-12 are invited to join our new youth education program designed specifically around teens and the things they’re thinking about. We will meet every other week and alternate between virtual learning and in-person planning for local community activities and a year-end social action project/trip. With support from Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), an organization specializing in teaching young adults the power of advocacy, students will learn the importance of and the particulars of advocating for what they believe in and lobbying for change.

5782 At a Glance: Mission Chai School
Grade # of Meetings Time Curriculum Cost Per Student
10th, 11th & 12th 2 Sundays / month

(1 virtual, 1 in-person)
TBD by class and instructor Social Justice, Advocacy & Lobbying $340/member


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