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Services Inspired by You

Our Services

If you are looking for Judaism practices that meet you where you are, we invite you to experience Temple Micah. We have crafted our various Shabbat offerings through the creativity and contribution of our community. From outdoor Shabbat in the Park to musically inspired gatherings like Reggae and Beatles Shabbat to prayer options like guided meditation and yoga service during Yom Kippur, we are open to new and inclusive ways to reflect.


Kabbalat Shabbat

The evening Shabbat service is a quiet, joyous and welcome respite where you can reflect on the week. Rabbi Mo offers words of Torah to nourish your heart and mind, while musician Hal Aqua enchants and engages you with song.

Join us for our (mostly) monthly MICAH MUSICAL Kabbalat Shabbat Services:

  • BEATLES Shabbat on 11-18-22
  • SEPHARDI & MIZRACHI Shabbat on 12-2-22
  • KIRTAN Shabbat on 12-16-22
  • GOSPEL & BLUES Shabbat on 2-2-23
  • GRATEFUL DEAD Shabbat on 3-17-23
  • REGGAE Shabbat on 4-4-23
  • CAT STEVENS/ YUSUF ISLAM Shabbat on 5-5-23

Shabbat Morning Services

The Shabbat morning service blends the masterful keyboard of David Ross with a sacred story from the weekly Torah portion. Rabbi Mo leads a thoughtful and engaging discussion in a warm, reflective atmosphere.

Shabbat in the Park

During the summer months, we enjoy Shabbat outside and invite all to join for a summer Shabbat experience in a selection of parks in the Denver metro area. Pack a picnic dinner, if you so choose!

The Shabbat Tisch

Find nourishment with bagels, coffee, singing and a more in-depth discussion of the weekly Torah portion.
Be sure to check the online calendar for the most up-to-date information.

Life Cycle Events

Because faith is a journey, not a destination, the landscape changes along the way. We understand that everyone comes to us on a different timeline. We also know that your relationship with faith changes and grows throughout the stages of life and we cherish the ability to share in your milestone events:

  • Weddings
  • Brit Milah (Circumcision) and Baby Naming
  • B’nai Mitzvah
  • Anshei (Adult) Mitzvah
  • Kabbalat Panim (Conversion)
  • Funerals and Memorial Services
  • Guidance and Counsel
We love the afternoon service at Yom Kippur. The contemporary music is always so fun and is a perfect complement to the day.
Mariah and Kane Aldinger

High HolyDays

Rabbi Adam Morris and the Temple Micah community look forward to our 5783 High Holydays experience.


We hold this mystical and meditative study and service on the weekend before Rosh Hashanah. It is the official beginning of the High Holy Day season, and it gets us into the mindset for reflection and renewal.

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Services

Our services balance the richness of tradition while welcoming creativity and freshness. For example, you will hear the familiar and evocative melodies that we all associate with these days as well as moments of guided visualization designed to complement and enhance the template of tradition.

High Holy Days Family Services

Before each morning service we offer a family-friendly service for children and their parents. We sing, reflect and provide families with the foundation they need to celebrate at home.

Open House / Tashlich

On Rosh Hashanah afternoon, Rabbi Mo and his family invite the Micah community to their home for late afternoon sweets and schmoozing, followed by a short pilgrimage to Westerly Creek to symbolically cast away our sins into the waters.

Shema Kolaynu, Hear Our Voices: The Alvin Goldberg Congregants' Hour

On Yom Kippur afternoon, while we consider where we are on our spiritual journeys, Rabbi Mo invites three members of the community to share aspects of their own spiritual journeys, and it never fails to move and inspire those in attendance.

Yom Kippur Opportunities for Contemplation

While they change each year, some options in the past have been experiences like Yom Kippur yoga, a teen-focused alternative prayer experience, Yom Kippur-related exercises in spiritual direction and Yom Kippur-themed discussions.

Yizkor Memorial Service

We make time on this most holy of days to remember our loved ones. Our music, creative liturgy and yizkor meditation create a safe and serene tone to engage in this sacred endeavor.

Yom Kippur Afternoon Service

Rabbi Mo and local musician Hal Aqua, with the themes of Yom Kippur as their guide, look to contemporary prophets (like Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Judy Collins, Bob Marley and more) to fill out the liturgy for this service. The music, lyrics and spirit provide a perfect complement to the rest of the day.


Yom Kippur ends as we take these sacred moments to welcome and bless those families who have welcomed new children into their homes since the previous Yom Kippur. In addition, we invite those who have their own shofars to join us on the bimah, along with all the children in attendance, for a last, great Tekiah g’dola.